ESAEM Performing Arts Center



 The highest ranked Performing Arts College 


"I had never seen a Performing Arts School like ESAEM before" - Antonio Banderas


ESAEM Ministerio Educacion Cultura y Deporte  Junta de Andalucia


"It´s more than an Arts School, it´s Art as a school of life"


What do we do?

 We nourish new generations forming  elite versatile  high performance artists and with a great human commitment

 We promote total care arts education and we strengthen our student's creative  and innovative skills.

 We foster and boost our students development, both personal and professional, supporting them at all stages of growth through all major performing disciplines:  dramatic arts, singing and dancing.

Professional team

 Our team is made up of an eminent  cast of artists, teachers, professionals and creative in their disciplines.

"Committed and pasionated for transmitting and developing the human expression´s legacy through Scenic Arts"


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 What makes ESAEM different from other schools?

 We have developed an integral artistic education system, eminently professional  and endorsed by prestigious rising artist teachers' team within our entertainment industry

Our classes begin in the classroom to finish on the stage.

 We support, guide and promote artistic education and the subsequent development and personal growth of all our students in all their ages, from preschool to the university stage.

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" Art plays one of the leading places in the development of human potential and necessary skills for  the society's progress in the future."

 ESAEM, as  High Performance Campus  for education and artisitic creation:

- Enriches every student´s artistic personality personality encouraging their maximum growth both personal and professional

- Develops innovative artists, critics,creative, committed with human rights and society,  avid to continue learning and with work capacity both individually and group working

-Influences the future of arts by means of creations and artistic research.

- Enriches  cultural, social and economic community life.



To raise of the current artistic standards with future versatile artists who stand out for their great human  and professional quality, avid to keep on learning, transmitting and nurturing artistic legacy values of the world.


" We believe in art as a basis for the complete human development and its connection to the rest of  humanity, thus fostering a better understanding between cultures and harmony in the world"



ESAEM  is an officially recognized centre by the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Andalucía 

 ESAEM, Official  Educational Performing Arts Centre with centre code 29018662


       > Baccalaureate of  Performing Arts, Music and Dance

Professional Dance Conservatory with centre code 29016124


      >  Performing Arts Initiation

       >  Elementary Grade, Classical Dance Specialty

       > Professional Degree , Classical Dance Specialty


Other Official Degrees:

       > Drama Degree, Musical Theatre Specialty.

       > High Degrees Training Cycles:

                 - Técnico Superior en Educación Infantil

                 - Técnico Superior en Marketing y Publicidad




How was ESAEM born?


"With more than 10 years of experience In Arts Education and Creation,

ESAEM has established itself from its beginnings as one of the best schools in Performing Arts and a reference in the sector"




Thanks to all the artists and industry personalities who have wanted to be part of our project:

Pablo Puyol, thank you for your invaluable support in Esaem´s early days, no doubt you were a great artistic impulse and reference in your hometown.

Pastora Soler, thank you for your love to our school, for your support and to make us feel as part of your family. As an artist,singer and person, you are really a star.

Carmen Cervera,Thyssen Baroness, thank you for coming to our 2013 Gala Awards of the Cervantes Theatre, you sow light one very important night, more than you can imagine.

Ruth Lorenzo, we will never forget that gift you gave us with your voice we were really proud that night to share the stage with you. Thank you for your magic.

Antonio Banderas,  it is an honour that you have wanted to be part of our school giving name to the "Theatre of Young Artists" ESAEM. You are an example that the passion for art and the effort at times against all odds, is the true path for the artist. Thanks for wearing the Art by Flag

To all of them, who we cannot name because the list would be infinite, the team of teachers and the family ESAEM  in general... THANK YOU, without you it would be impossible, you are without a doubt the heart of this school.