How is the ESAEM Experience?


"I've never seen a school like ESAEM. Throughout my career I've been around the world, but I've never seen anything like it.

I have been in great schools of acting, I have worked in important studios, I have collaborated with Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles, but it is not this, this is something else, it is an extraordinary dream and that all this is happening in Malaga. It really seems me like a miracle! "

 ANTONIO BANDERAS - Actor, Director, Producer 


"My dream is what ESAEM is now ... and I thought: someday I would like to see a school like this ... And I came here and discovered it ... It's perfect, it's better than the New York Fame School, that I know it very well all right".

RICARD REGUANT - Director and Producer of International Musical Theatre


"ESAEM is like being able to live from within the TV series that we used to see when we were children... In New York there is a school where people spend all day singing, dancing and performing ... and we have it here in Malaga "

CARLOS LÁZARO - Casting Director


"There are no words to describe what you have done tonight ... I would be proud to share the stage with you today, really, you are artists"



"I admire you, you are incredible, congratulations to all."
CARMEN CERVERA - Baroness Thyssen - ESAEM Award 2013



"We are delighted to follow this school very closely. I think it is a spectacular combination that you have achieved from talent, work, passion ... and that is infallible."
KURANDA Artistic Management
(International actress Penélope Cruz's managers)



"ESAEM helps Málaga one step ahead in the world of culture."

D. FRANCISCO DE LA TORRE - Excmo. Mayor of the City of Málaga


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