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Esaem Summer International Program


ESAEM I Performing Arts University & College of Málaga (Spain)

Join our summer program next July to learn and improve Flamenco, Urban Style Dance, Fusion, Theatre Musical, Singing and Acting.

Students Residence and College on the beach SPAIN


ESAEM SUMMER PROGRAM offers 40 vacancies, next July (from 1st to 31st ), to come to Málaga (South of Spain), to study Urban Style Dance, Flamenco, Theatre Musical, Singing and Acting, in our University by the sea, and live in our residence for artists. 

You can enroll on the BEGINNER´S  LEVEL (no experience is required) or ADVANCED LEVEL.

performing arts international program spain ESAEM


From 16 years old. (Offering 24 hours security, ESAEM will just control the “entry exit” regime of students under 18, putting down their movements to inform their parents, but they will set exit times. ESAEM disclaims any liability, loss, damage or risk incurred out of its facilities). 

Classes will be in English, no level of Spanish is needed to join us. 

Free time at week-ends and evenings. This way, students can enjoy at the beach (located by our University), going on trips (International Airport, train and bus station connect Málaga to Spain and Europe. Madrid, for example is 2 hours and 30 minutes by train from ESAEM).

Students will live at ESAEM RESIDENCE, part of our facilities, as other buildings beside and near our main base, dedicated to our housing service. It includes 24 hours security, and individual attention to each student.

Antonio Banderas introduces ESAEM in this video.ESAEM is associated with APUNE: 




Dance summer international camp in Spain

Hip Hop, Urban Style, Ballet and Contemporary.

Flamenco Fussion integrating all these types of dance.

During these classes, students will learn and train all these different dance styles, and will fusion it with flamenco in modern and cool choreographies.

Check these links and videoclips produced by ESAEM, where our students develop the technique and Flamenco and Pop/Urban-style fussion. It was a tribute to Madonna. It was premiéred at our annual Gala Show where ESAEM awarded the Pop Queen:


Flamenco in Spain ESAEM

During these lessons the students will pick up:

-    foot/heel rhythms

-    posture, body control

-    coordination and strength

-    arms/hands movements and expression.

There’s a Flamenco dancer in all of us. Enjoy finding yours.

This Flamenco Course is suitable for all, whether you have danced before or are a complete novice. The teacher will support you and adapt the lesson to your level and needs. At the end of these flamenco lessons you will know about posture and position in dance, understand rhythms and body control, lose inhibitions and gain confidence. You will be able to dance a Flamenco choreography.

If there are students with medium or high level of Flamenco, they will train with another group and teacher, to improve their technique.


Acting classes summercamp Spain

Through individual and group exercises, improvisations, and scenes ,this class guides students develop their acting potential, discover and train their capabilities in interpreting scripts. Previous theatre study is not required. If some students have this previous experience and knowledge, they will be part of an advanced group, adapted to their needs. 

Learning to construct the character, and develop his/her personality, movements and soul will be some of the objectives during this class. 


-    Work on short scenes

-    Impro technique

-    Script reading

-    Cinematographic language and notions to act in front of the camera.



Musical Theatre summercamp in Spain

This class includes Singing and special Acting lessons focused on this genre. Musical Theatre class is an exploration of American Musical Theatre. Students will learn and train the work of the actor/singer/dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers. They will work on different scenes of famous Musical Theatre plays, and of course, the technique to get the best performing.

Antonio Banderas introduced ESAEM and our students in Broadway with this video, to collaborate with Broadway Directors in a Musical Play, rehearsing at ESAEM Theatre named after him.

(video antonio)

Evita (LIVE voice and music):

La La Land:

 (PRESS) Antonio Banderas Theatre, is located in our campus. He often visits us to talk with the students, or just see their plays and choreographies


Performing Arts Classes in Spain

Other artistic disciplines will be taught and trained during this class.

They are necessary to improve the technique learnt with the other subjects. And of course, to learn to liberate emotions and be able to feel comfortable in other character´s shoes.

Students will complement their learning, training: Artistic Fencing, Impro, Clown, etc…


Classes will take place Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 15:30 pm.

5 hours of classes each day of 50 minutes (there will be a break of 10 minutes between classes). This way, the students will have free time during the evenings to visit the cultural places in the city, enjoy at the beach (beside the University), practising watersports (suf, kite surf, etc…), shopping etc… ESAEM offers its classrooms and facilities to train and improve the choreographies during non school hours, for those students who would like to train more and practice the choreographies with their group. 

At the end of the Summer Program, students will perform at Antonio Banderas Theatre, located in our campus, playing a famous fragment of a Musical Theatre Play, or some choreography learnt in class.

ESAEM will present the students with a video recorded during the program, as a nice memory of their stay with us, and their dance, acting and singing work. 



ESAEM is located by the sea, on Costa del Sol (or Coast of the Sun, in English), in one of the safest cities in Europe. Málaga is renowed for beimg one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. Enjoying a marvellous weather (with over 300 days of sun a year) ensures that the Costa del Sol is thronged with tourists any time of the year.  

Playa Malaga ESAEM


Students will enjoy the fun night life of the city,  the delicious gastronomy of Andalusia, and their spare time on its clean beaches. 

Google Maps Location

Málaga is also the birthplace of the actor Antonio Banderas, who often visits our University, to talk with our students during a masterclass, or just to see students´gala show.

Our University Theatre was named after him to honour his amazing career and thank his special kindness and dedication to our students.  ESAEM celebrates its annual gala show to award internationally renowned artists at this amazing and recently built theatre, as well as in the and Teatro Cervantes. 

Antonio Banderas Escuela Artes Escenicas Malaga

Students enrolled in our intensive courses will perform in a show created specially for them, at Antonio Banderas Theatre, located at our college. 

 (*) We can offer the students extensive information about leisure activities and trips, and help them to contact with the right company to take part in them, but ESAEM doesn´t organise these activities or events. Students will be responsible for their spare time. ESAEM disclaims any liability, loss, damage or risk incurred out of its facilities.


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