Letters to the Director

Letters to the Director

Marisa Zafra - Carta a la directoraThe artist is the only being, able to convey emotions, values ​​and feelings to the audience, breaking the reality barrier and reaching the limit of perfection.

Our mission is to develop, through technology, knowledge and values, creativity and innate sensitivity of future artists, to be able to face any discipline on the stage.

ESAEM ranks as one of the most prestigious universities of Performing Arts in Europe by the extensive and intense preparation of its students, and high skilled teachers.

Our educational model is specifically designed to maximize the qualities of our students. We started working with them from an early age, taking advantage of their peak of creativity, freedom of expression and learning speed . While the student grows,  he/ she develops all the techniques related to the Performing Arts (Acting, Dance and Singing) embracing the discipline, the perseverance and the effort necessary to achieve the perfection of the artist.

Our team of teachers is integrated by the best choreographers, actors and singers of the current Art Scene. Thus, they transmit their knowledge to our students, and something more. They are able to convey their extensive experience and professional advice. 

Marisa Zafra - Director, ESAEM