How much does it cost to study Dramatic Art in Spain?

Spain’s art scene has experienced a dizzying boom in recent years. It has overturned the professional expectations of those students interested in enrolling in a school of Dramatic Art or Performing Arts . If you are thinking of studying Dramatic Art in Spain officially and you are concerned about how much your studies may cost, we show you some factors that you should take into account: training rates vs teachers and study plan, official qualification, accommodation costs, transport, cultural offer, opportunities for insertion in the labor market, competition, …

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The fees for the Higher Degree in Dramatic Art (official degree) differ from the center you are looking for, especially if it is public or private.

If you opt for a public center, the fees will be lower since it is subsidized by the State and will depend on the subjects in which you enroll per year.

The private centers do not have any type of subsidy and their prestige will depend on the excellence in the academic program they teach. First check that they issue an official degree (if it is one of the requirements you are looking for). Their rates will be higher than the public one, but this is where their strong point comes in, since they have to increase their potential in order to compete in the market.

We use our school as an example ESAEM , which is the one we know best and which we can boast of. Our official studies “Higher Degree in Dramatic Art, specialty Musical Theater” (center attached to the ESAD of Malaga) stand out and much of the average.

How? We care about bringing you the best professionals and artists in the sector to teach you. In addition, we complement the shortcomings of the official curriculum with subjects of performing arts and artists of national and international prestige, placing the quality of teaching at our school far above other centers.

ESAEM has been considered one of the best performing arts training schools, said by renowned personalities in the entertainment industry such as actor Antonio Banderas, singer Rosalía, actress Baayork Lee, producer John Breglio, the international network CNBC, …

Not only that, but our students also obtain the Double Degree in Dramatic Art (official qualification) and the Degree in Performing Arts (own degree), with the possibility of opting for the Professional Dance Degree that is taught at the Official ESAEM Conservatory “ESAEM Ballet”.

"More is not better, better is better"

ESAEM is a high-performance center for young artists who do not want to waste time, or money! Excellent training in all disciplines of the performing arts (interpretation, dance, singing and musicals), with the best professionals in the industry who travel weekly from all parts of Spain to teach at our school.

With a unique environment where you will live with active artists who come to ESAEM to prepare their works, as is the case of Antonio Banderas (mentor and godfather of the school) with the rehearsals of his musical “A Chorus Line”. A privileged environment and an official qualification of excellent quality. To all this you have to add all the economic and quality of life advantages when staying in Malaga or our Student Residence.

ESAEM Teatro Antonio Banderas A Chorus Line 006

Advantages of choosing an acting school outside of Madrid

Both the Musical Theater industry and the fiction series produced in Spain are going through a golden age. It is causing a great demand for actresses and actors to work on the most ambitious projects. In the case of the audiovisual sector, even internationally, although they are shot on Spanish soil. This is due in large part, thanks to the establishment of the European production company of the Netflix platform in Madrid. In addition, some Spanish series such as “La Casa de Papel” or the movie “El Hoyo” have found a place in the number one viewings in America.

With regard to musical productions, the Gran Vía de Madrid has been premiering projects with great success for decades. Although it was not until 2019 when the eyes were on Malaga, thanks to the new theater and musical productions of the actor Antonio Banderas, mentor and godfather also of ESAEM.

As the newspapers reported, “Antonio Banderas has turned Malaga into Broadway”, producing large-format musicals that will premiere in the city and in which more than 50 people already work. Among those chosen to be part of the artistic cast, 12 ESAEM students delighting the public in the musical “A Chorus Line”, which sold out every month on the bill in record time. In addition, he has also had several of our students and our choreographer and teacher Borja Rueda (also trained at ESAEM) for his new television program for Amazon Prime.

Malaga is also becoming one of the preferred locations for production companies such as Netflix, Filmax or Disney (we invite you to find out where the live of “The Little Mermaid” is going to be filmed). Not only for its unbeatable climate and sun, but also for having a City of Cinema (large sets prepared for cinema and advertising) and unique places in a single city (the luxury of Marbella, the breathtaking Ronda bridge, the impressive Caminito del Rey , the Nerja caves, the historic Alcazaba, …)

Thanks to this deployment, ESAEM has put itself in the crosshairs of the production companies that land in Malaga. Javier Quintas, one of the directors of the series “La Casa de Papel” or “Sky Rojo”, who is another of ESAEM’s mentors, also advises our students on the keys to overcome new audiovisual challenges.

With this optimal industrial fabric on the rise, as expected, the demand to study Dramatic Art and Performing Arts careers have experienced a very remarkable growth. And above all to study in Malaga, specifically at ESAEM. The school is part of the exchange network with North American Universities, being a favorite destination for students who frequently come to study from other parts of the world, especially from the US.

Is it cheaper to study dramatic art in Malaga than in Madrid or Barcelona?

For some time now, the largest volume of students who decide to study Dramatic Art or Performing Arts, have moved from Madrid or Barcelona to Malaga, due to the professional projection that comes with studying at a prestigious school like ESAEM, so well connected with national and international professional opportunities. A Performing Arts Campus with more than 16 years of professional experience.


But other factors have played a role, such as the savings involved in studying in the city. The rental of the property in Malaga, the size of the apartments, and its wonderful location on the edge of the sea, have made the city of Malaga an ideal place for students. Living in Malaga also means the possibility of immersing yourself in a city in full cultural boom thanks to the opening of numerous museums, the celebration of the Malaga Film Festival, the last 2 editions of the Goya Awards, the Theater Festival, and the numerous activities organized by ESAEM, such as its annual gala, now known as the “ESAEM Antonio Banderas Performing Arts Awards” (which the singer Rosalía attended to collect her award).

The advantages of studying the Higher Performing Arts career in Malaga are not only economic. Madrid and Barcelona are large cities, which apart from having very high rental prices, make a student’s day-to-day quite expensive compared to the capital of the Costa del Sol, due to the need to travel and spending on products food. Saving time is also important when you are studying for a degree.

ESAEM acompaña a Antonio Banderas por las calles de Málaga para anunciar “A Chorus Line”

ESAEM is located in the Barrio de las Artes de Málaga, the well-known area of Huelin, where the surroundings of the school are also adapted to the economy of the students. At ESAEM you will find all the disciplines to study, including the Professional Dance Conservatory for those interested in further training.

Bye Bye Metro! Students do not need to travel to other areas depending on the subjects or specialties set by the schedule. Nor would they have to travel from a flat if they are staying in the student residence of the ESAEM Home school, in the same building as the classrooms.

On the other hand, Malaga was declared in 2017 as the second safest city in Europe. Peace of mind for students and parents, especially for those younger than 18 years of age who transfer their residence for study purposes.

La Coral de ESAEM abre la Navidad en Málaga

Another economic advantage is being able to live in the same artistic complex where all the classes are taught. Saving on trips and food is important, since ESAEM Home has a dining room with menus adapted to the needs of the activities carried out by the students, such as dance. The menus also include dishes adapted to celiacs, allergic and intolerant to any food.

ESAEM is an artistic complex equipped with multipurpose classrooms with state-of-the-art technology for teaching audiovisual interpretation, dance, singing or stage interpretation classes. The “Antonio Banderas Theater of the Young Artists of ESAEM”, inaugurated by the actor himself, is located on the campus of the school, and becomes another rehearsal room. Thanks to its professional dimensions, students learn to measure distances and times as if they were performing in a professional show.

Added to this are the school gardens, the library, study rooms, dressing rooms, the cafeteria and numerous classrooms. The rooms are fully equipped for the comfort of the students, being spacious and with common areas to spend relaxed time in a group. ESAEM’s privileged location by the sea, on the Antonio Banderas Promenade, makes the school an ideal place.


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