Conservatory of Dance and Performing arts for Children and Young people

Performing Arts for Children and Young People

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4 to 7 years old, 8 to 12 years old, 12 to 16 years old
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What is "ESAEM Ballet"?

It is the ESAEM Educational System in Performing Arts to accompany the growth of children enhancing their physical, intellectual and emotional development through the performing disciplines: drama, dance and singing.


ESAEM Conservatorio artes escenicas


Our program is designed according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education plus the artistic teachings of ESAEM, offering jointly:

Official qualification as Professional Conservatory of Classical Dance "ESAEM":

Integral artistic training, icon of ESAEM, which complements the subjects of the Conservatory with other dramatic art, singing and new dance styles such as Hip Hop or Modern-Jazz Dance.


"'ESAEM Ballet' the only official intensive training in dance and performing arts that currently exists in our country for children and young people."

"Stage of great importance for the growth and development both personal and artistic."


From 4 to 8 years

grado preescolar esaem ballet danza teatro canto niños


From 8 to 12 years

grado elemental esaem ballet conservatorio niños malaga danza teatro canto


From 12 to 16 years

grado profesional esaem ballet conservatorio niños malaga danza teatro canto


Academic Program

"ESAEM Ballet" and the Multiple Intelligences of children

 Thanks to the proven benefits of artistic education, the different types of children´s intelligence are stimulated ("Theory of Multiple Inteligences" proposed by Howard Gardner)


Dance develops multiple physical and corporal qualities,kinesthetic intelligence and a neuromuscular coordination of learning reflection thanks to the so-called "mirror neurons," of great importance in learning by imitation, empathy and the behaviour of helping others.

Body intelligence or kinaesthetic includes physical skills that encourage greater flexibility, agility, resistance and strength, as well as mastery of balance.

Dancers are capable to activate the choreographic memory in the short and long term, plan the sequence of movements, integrate auditory information and translate all the above into art, turning it into a channel of expression of feelings.


It promotes different aspects of the children's emotional intelligence, especially intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence. It gives them the possibility of empathizing with the characters they play, building the inner life that the author proposed according to the work. This helps them understand that there may be different perspectives, reactions and relationships with other people according to the context or the given circumstances, as in real life.

It is a way of learning and suitable game, it stimulates the interest of children toward the great classics and contemporary works. Empower parallel areas of linguistic and logical intelligence, as it involves an analysis of the text, script study, order of actions and problems of history.


Singing has been described as a "powerful nutrient for the children´s brain". Not only it is an important form of expression, it also reinforces the memory due to the motivation and fun it produces to them.

It implies a greater production of hormones that makes them feel good and control their aggressiveness, as well as to promote their relaxation and concentration.

Through this subject the musical intelligence is stimulated, thanks to the study of the language of the music scores and its composition both rhythmic and musical.



 "ESAEM Ballet" Productions



Art: The door of the children of the future

"ESAEM Ballet" is an educational system designed to accompany the growth of the children of the new generation.

 It enhances the performance of children in existing schools, educating them and motivating them through art. They acquire skills and abilities that are not yet covered by the educational system officially implemented in our country, which are essential to their personal development and in the society of the future.


Arte niños futuro huffington ESAEM Ballet niños


The direct contact the Artistic Teachings causes a demonstrated positive and necessary impact by the interconnection of the cognitive and emotional intelligences. It encourages their creativity, imagination, flexible adaptation, sensitivity, affectivity, sociability, and other characteristics that arise from the development of multiple intelligences through artistic education.


"Artisitic education should become a compulsary part of the educational programs (...)  It stimulates cognitive development and makes learning more relevant to the needs of modern societies."

World conference on Arts Education of UNESCO

From 4 to 8 years

grado preescolar esaem ballet danza teatro canto niños


From 8 to 12 years

grado elemental esaem ballet conservatorio niños malaga danza teatro canto


From 12 to 16 years

grado profesional esaem ballet conservatorio niños malaga danza teatro canto


From March you can make reservation * for any degree of "Ballet ESAEM".

To make a reservation you will need to request and fill in the registration, as well as  to pay it (50€).

(*)Due to the great demand for official places, the reservation will be done by strict order of registration.



Students Residence 'ESAEM Home'

ESAEM puts at the disposal of their students "ESAEM Home", the first Artistic Residence specially designed for students of performing arts.


"The first Residence for Artists"


Located inside the Campus ESAEM and to only 5 minutes from the beach of Malaga (Costa del Sol).


Residencia estudiantes esaem home alojamiento


""We know that artistic learning needs a training, study and creative process out of the school schedule."


  Students hosted in our residence can make use of  the different classrooms located in the facilities of the school, which are specifically equipped for dance, drama and vocal or musical study.


"An ideal place for the development and artistic exchange between students who share the same artistic interests and who want to make a complete immersion in their studies."


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