Performing Arts Degree

Performing Arts Degree

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+18 years old

What does the Performing Arts Degree consist of?

The Performing Arts Degree is a High Training Course ESAEM offers to young people who want to be trained as versatile artists.

Grado en Artes Escenicas ESAEM


ESAEM has designed an exclusive program which combines Performing Arts subjects, Musical Theatre specialty, together with the Performing Arts Training Degree (Own Degree) that complements our recognized Performing Arts Training: Acting, Dancing and Singing.

 Who is it addressed to?

For young people talents with a great sensitivity, creativity, passion and artistic vocation.

We are looking for students with a great commitment, dedication and motivation, our training requires a strong discipline and perseverance in the different disciplines' training.


Borja Rueda Esaem Tu cara me suena


Academic Program

Our curriculum joins:

The requirements of a daily High Performance Training  in Dancing, Dramatic Art, Singing and Musicals.

The complete study of the different styles that the disciplines of Performing Arts consist of .


The specialty elected in our Training is Musical Theatre, in this genre the artist's maximum expression converges . A compendium between Dancing, Acting and Singing that requires versatile artists, with a high domain and training in the three scenic disciplines.

"Musical stage actors fuse organically acting, dancing and singing as if they were an only language"


1st.Year course

 Dramatic Art Subjects ( Musical Theatre Specialty  )

Interpretation I 

Body language I  

Dramatic Literature I  

Makeup and Characterization

 Dancing subjects

Classical Dance I

Spanish Dance and Flamenco I

Contemporary Dance I

Modern Dance - Jazz I

Hip Hop I

Dancing for Musicals - Broadway I


 Singing subjects

Vocal Technique I

Singing I

Music I

Choir I

2nd Year course

 Dramatic Art Subjects ( Musical Theatre Specialty )

Interpretation in the Musical I

Body language II

Dramatic literature II



Dancing Subjects

Classical dance II

Spanish dance and Flamenco II

Contemporary dance II

Modern Dance - Jazz II

Hip Hop II

Dance for Musicals - Broadway II



Singing subjects

Vocal technique II

Singing II

Music II

Choir II

3rd. Year course

Dramatic Art Subjects ( Musical Theatre Specialty)

Interpretation in the Musical II

Mime and Pantomime

Theory of theSpectacle and Communication

History of  the Arts' Spectacle


Dancing Subjects

Classical dance III

Spanish dance and Flamenco III

Contemporary dance III

Modern Dance -Jazz III

Lyrical Jazz I

Hip Hop III

Dance for Musicals - Broadway III


Singing subjects

Vocal technique III

Music III

Singing III

Choir III


Specialty Subjects (obligatory)



4th. Year Course

Dramatic Art Subjects ( Musical Theatre Specialty)

 Final Degree Workshop



Dancing Subjects

Classical dance IV

Spanish dance and Flamenco IV

Contemporary dance IV

Modern  Dance -Jazz IV

Lyrical Jazz II

Hip Hop IV

Dancing for Musicals - Broadway IV


Singing Subjects

Music IV



Specialty subjects (Obligatory)


Production and Management

Casting's techniques


External practices

Final degree project

* This program is only indicative and it may be subject to change that ESAEM's management may consider during the course .



 Teachers Team

Our teachers' team is integrated by the professional elite of the country.

We have the best teachers and professionals active of the industry:  Theatre directors, Cinema, TV, castings  and musicals ; choreographers, actors, dancers and singers, among many others.

 They approach training from an eminently practical viewpoint, consistent with the requests and present-day requirements of the profession, enriching the subjects of study from their own artistic background.

Clases baile teatro canto Malaga


Within our specialty in Musical Theatre, we highlight two big figures of the musicals in our country who are part of the professorship:

  • Ricard Reguant.Without a doubt one of the artists that has contributed more to our musicals' industry. Director and cinema, theatre and TV actor. With a hundred great works and musicals in his curriculum, we can highlight some like "Chicago", "West Side Story" and "Singing in the rain", among many others. ( Read more )
  • Ignasi Vidal. One of the big stars of the musicals in Spain. Actor and Theatre's director, cinema and TV. Main character in the most important musicals on the billboard such as  "Les Misérables", "The Beauty and the Beast" and "Jesus Christ Superstar", among many others.( Read more)



 Click to know ESAEM Teachers' Team


 ESAEM Productions

"ESAEM's Awards Gala" is a big format show, both theatrical and audiovisual, produced by the school exclusively for its students and which is represented each academic end of the year at Málaga's Cervantes Theatre. A cast of an average of 300 pupils go on stage.


Clases Teatro Interpretación Camara Malaga ESAEM


 A long awaited appointment that joins together personalities of the entertainment and culture's industry  who know our young artists' quarry every  year:  actors, as well as dancers and singers.

 Discover how the last editions have been, without a doubt our best cover letter:



Graduated students in ESAEM

It is frequent to see our graduates emerging in musicals, television ballets and television series, among others.

The school has its own talent management agency  “ESAEM TALENTS”, Whose only objective is to encourage our pupils in their first steps within the labor world.


alumnos esaem bailarines la voz tu cara me suena royal opera house

alumnos esaem centro medico nickelodeon antena 3

alumnos esaem musicales rey leon billy elliot blancanieves

Dancers and Choreographers


"La Voz" emitted in Telecinco (choreographer and ESAEM teacher Francis Viñolo, choreography assistant and ESAEM teacher Lena Zafra)

"La Voz Kids" broadcast in Telecinco (choreographer and ESAEM teacher Francis Viñolo, choreography assistant and ESAEM teacher Lena Zafra)

"Tu Cara Me Suena" broadcast on Antena 3 TV (choreography assistant and teacher ESAEM Borja Rueda)

"Top Dance" broadcast on Antena 3 TV (choreographer and ESAEM teacher Francis Viñolo; choreography assistants and ESAEM teachers Lena Zafra and Borja Rueda)

"Gala 60 Anniversary of TVE1" broadcast on TVE1

"Bustamante Special and Friends" on TVE1 (Choreographer and ESAEM professor Francis Viñolo)

Eurovision 2016 "Maria Isabel" (choreographer and ESAEM teacher Francis Viñolo; choreography assistant and ESAEM teacher Lena Zafra)

Eurovision 2017 "Mario Jefferson" (choreography assistant and professor ESAEM Borja Rueda)

Spot "Women'Secret" with actress Elsa Pataky (choreographer and ESAEM teacher Fidel Buika)

Music Video "Down with Ya" by Sweet California

Music video "Life is only one" by Maria Isabel (Choreographer and ESAEM professor Francis Viñolo)



"La Traviata" at the Royal Opera House in London

Unicaja Basketball Club

Real Madrid Basketball Club

Circus "Ooh La La" at the Theater of Switzerland (choreographer and ESAEM teacher Fidel Buika)

"Circus Avenue Night" by the Auryn group at the Barclays Theater in Madrid

"Coca Cola Music Experience" accompanying Maverick and Sweet California at the Barclays Theater in Madrid at the Teatro Real in Madrid



"Heart Attack" directed by Puri Jagannadh

"Chinnadana Nee Kosam" directed by A. Karunakaran

Actors / Actresses


"The Lost West" cast on Nickelodeon

"Medical Center" emitted in TVE1 (Director and ESAEM professor Ismael Morillo, Casting director and ESAEM professor Carlos Lázaro)

"Looking for the North" broadcast on Antena 3 TV

Musical Cast

"The Lion King" at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid

"Billy Elliot" at the Teatro Nuevo Alcalá in Madrid

"Mamma Mía" at the Teatro Coliseum in Madrid

"Shrek, the musical" tour of Latin America

"Peter Pan" at the Barcelona Teatre Musical in Barcelona

"A" by Nacho Cano at the Haagen Dazs Theater in Madrid

"Snow White, the Musical" toured Andalusia



Students' residence 'ESAEM Home'

ESAEM offers its students "ESAEM Home", the first Artistic residence specifically designed for students of performing arts.


"The first Residence for Artists"


Located inside the Campus ESAEM and only 5 minutes from the beach of Malaga (Costa del Sol).

Residencia estudiantes esaem home alojamiento


"We know that artistic learning needs a training, study and creative process out of the school schedule."


Students hosted in our residence can make use of the different classrooms placed in the school facilities, which are equipped specifically for dance, acting and vocal or musical study.


"An ideal place for the development and artistic exchange between students who share the same artistic interests and who want to make a complete immersion in their studies".


Click to learn more about  ESAEM Home


Bachillerato artes escenicas malaga esaem


  •  Being in possession of Baccalaureate's Certificate in Performing Arts, Music and Dance or any other mode.
  • Interview with ESAEM's Management


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