Performing Arts Degree

High performance in performing arts

Private Degree

Age: +18 years

Face-to-face modality

Credits: 240 ECTS credits

What is the Performing Arts Degree?

The Performing Arts Degree is a higher education whose objective is to train multidisciplinary artists in performing arts : dance, interpretation, song and musicals.

In ESAEM this degree is private and is also taught as a high artistic performance training .

This training offers a high preparation and level of demand in performing arts


Who is the Performing Arts Degree aimed at?

These higher studies are designed for those young talents with great sensitivity, creativity, passion and artistic vocation.

We are looking for students with great commitment, dedication and motivation.

Our training requires strong discipline and perseverance in the training of the different disciplines.

Miriam Queba

Cover of Nala in "the lion king"

Our student Miriam Queba is part of the cast of the Rey Léon musical at the Lope de Vega Theater in Madrid.

What subjects does the Degree in Performing Arts have?

The Study Plan for the Degree in Performing Arts It includes subjects of different styles in the disciplines of interpretation, dance, singing and musical theater, as well as other artistic specialties.


  • Interpretation I

  • Body Expression I

  • Dramatic Literature I

  • Makeup and characterization

  • Clown

  • Classical Dance I

  • Spanish Dance and Flamenco I

  • Contemporary Dance I

  • Modern Dance- Jazz I

  • Hip Hop I

  • Dance for Musicals – Broadway I

  • Vocal Technique I

  • Canto I

  • Music I

  • Chorus I


  • Interpretation in the Musical I

  • Body Expression II

  • Dramatic Literature II

  • Dramaturgy

  • Classical Dance II

  • Spanish Dance and Flamenco II

  • Contemporary Dance II

  • Modern Dance- Jazz II

  • Hip Hop II

  • Dance for Musicals – Broadway II

  • Stunts

  • Vocal Technique II

  • Canto II

  • Music II

  • Chorus II


  • Interpretation in the Musical II

  • Mime and Pantomime

  • Theory of Spectacle and Communication

  • History of the Performing Arts

  • Classical Dance III

  • Spanish Dance and Flamenco III

  • Contemporary Dance III

  • Modern Dance- Jazz III

  • Lyrical Jazz I

  • Hip Hop III

  • Dance for Musicals – Broadway III

  • Vocal Technique III

  • Music III

  • Canto III

  • Chorus II


  • End of Degree Workshop
  • Scenic Direction
  • Classical Dance IV
  • Spanish Dance and Flamenco IV
  • Contemporary Dance IV
  • Modern Dance- Jazz IV
  • Lyrical Jazz II
  • Hip Hop IV
  • Dance for Musicals – Broadway IV
  • Music IV

  • Repertoire

  • Pedagogy
  • Production and Management
  • Casting techniques

* This program is for guidance only and may be subject to change.

What are the professional opportunities for the Degree in Performing Arts?

The Degree in Performing Arts prepares you to face any profession related to interpretation, dance, singing and musicals.

Since be an actor, dancer or singer up to address like actor coach, choreographer and other career opportunities.

Here we show you the most outstanding professional opportunities:

Stage actor
Musical theater singer and dancer
Stage director
Theater director assistant
Playwright or stage creator
Producer / manager
Set designer and Art Director
Musical and stage choreographer
Stage Fight Choreographer

Cinema actor
Tv actor
Actor and advertising model
Film dancer
Tv dancer
Stage choreographer and ballets
Presenter and tv
Voice actor
Radio announcer
Scriptwriter for film, television and different audiovisual media
Producer / manager
Set designer and Art Director

Dramatic art teacher
Dance and singing teacher
Art Activities Teacher
Film, theater, dance and singing workshops monitor

Theatrical and cinematographic cultural expert
Programmer or coordinator of theaters and cultural houses
Director of theater and film festivals
Theater and film critic
Personal and actor coach
Director of commemorative and institutional events

Artistic agent
Sociocultural entertainer for leisure complexes

At ESAEM you can complete your studies in “Degree in Performing Arts” with …

Our program in performing arts includes the same subjects as the Higher Degree in Dramatic Art. Therefore, you can also opt for this official qualification that is taught at our center.

To do this, you will first have to pass the specific tests for access to official drama education.

ESAEM also offers the possibility of obtaining the official degree in Elementary and Professional Dance Degree.

Interested students must first pass the specific tests for access to official dance education, in our Professional Dance Conservatory “ESAEM Ballet”.

Our academic program includes intensive dance training in six different styles: Classical Dance, Spanish Dance and Flamenco, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance – Jazz, Hip Hop, Dance for Musicals – Broadway.

High Performance in Performing Arts

Professional practices

ESAEM Awards Gala

Every year our students perform a large-format show, both theater and audiovisual.

The purpose is that our young artists have professional practices and learn from an experience that is as faithful as possible to the work reality.

The ESAEM Performing Arts Awards are jointly awarded to relevant artists and personalities from the industry.

An ideal opportunity to give visibility to the work of our students.

Artists and personalities such as Antonio Banderas, Rosalía, Ruth Lorenzo, Pastora Soler, Agencia Kuranda, and many more have attended this Awards Gala.


Team of teachers

We have the best active teachers and professionals in the industry: music directors, theater, film, TV and casting; choreographers, actors, dancers and singers,among others.

Admission requirements for the Performing Arts Degree

Be in possession of the Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts, Music and Dance or any other modality.

Interview with ESAEM Management

  • LIMITED PLACES: Due to the great demand for places, it will be the faculty and ESAEM management who will decide their priority.

Performing Arts Degree Price

For each course
500 Monthly
  • Registration € 500
  • Total annual payment of € 5,500

Open registration period. Learn!

Frequently asked questions about the Performing Arts Degree

The most frequently asked questions

The Degree in Performing Arts has its own degree. Our degree is framed in Higher Artistic Education, stipulated by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía. There is an equivalence with a university degree. With this degree, We provide quality artistic training and guarantee the qualification of future professionals in music, dance or drama.

It is necessary to have passed the Baccalaureate (the specialty does not matter). You do not need selectivity, and you do not need to have experience in the performing arts.

Get in touch with us, and we will help you reserve a place.

Our registration period is open throughout the school year until the end of places.

Yes, as long as an appointment is made with the responsible person.

The total price of the degree per year is 5,500 euros. Of which 500 would be an initial registration and 5000 euros for the course. Check with the secretariat the payment facilities.

No, if the student opts for residency, it will be paid separately.

The price of the dining room is not included, but if the student wishes, they can hire this service.

You can access state scholarships.

Do you need to stay in our residence?

Are you here to study from another country?