Summer camps in Spain

Looking for a summer camp in Spain?

We´re already organising our next SUMMER CAMPS, don´t miss your place!

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Join us to enjoy 1, 2, 3 weeks or more, learning FLAMENCO, HIP-HOP, STREET STYLE, TRADITIONAL JAZZ, ACTING, SINGING, BALLET, MUSICAL THEATRE TECHNIQUE, etc… with the best teachers in Spain! Big professionals who work on the best shows in the country at the best theatres and on television (Choreographers from «The Voice Spain»).

Top Musical theatre courses in SpainMusical Theatre summercamp in Spain


For Kids from 12, young and adult people.

Book your place in our cool and recently RENOVATED STUDENTS HOUSING in our campus (in the same building where the students will attend classes). We are located by the sea.  

Huge and beautiful rooms, a big garden, and full board service, ready to provide students with the best stay during the summer. (We can addapt our menus to allergies, celiac desease, etc…)

Student housing in Spain

You can apply for a place for yourself, or even you can organize a group of students from your city and come together, just send an email to us to, and we will be pleased to guide you.

If you are an Academy or University abroad, we would be pleased to contact one of your international project managers, in order to cooperate with you and offer our services.

We would like to find other dance studios, acting academies, universities, or schools of scenic arts who would like to bring their students to our summer camps. We addapt to your requirements.

Flamenco classes in Spain


Make your reservation from now, and spend your best summer in Spain!


CLCK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT OUR «Performing Arts and Dance Summer camp»

Top dance courses in Spain


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